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Smash Repair

Absolutely smashing results.

More-so than ever, insurance companies are insisting that a customer’s vehicle must be returned with a high level of cleanliness. Without a proper car wash solution, this added workload can often be seen as a strain on your business. Hand washing cars takes time, can prove costly and as fatigue progresses throughout the day, it leaves vehicles with inconsistent results.

The boomerang customer.

WashTec’s automatic EasyWash system will half your labour costs, slash water expenses and speed up the process significantly, giving you more time to run your business. Best of all, you’ll give your customers a brilliant shine every time. You know that providing fast, reliable and immaculate services, gives you the opportunity to attract new customers, increase exposure and showcase your business as an all-in-one car care centre. By making small changes to your existing wash operation, not only will you save some serious money, you can start generating real profits. Hand wash is costing you more than you think.

Innovative companies and independent operators are already reaping the benefits of WashTec’s automated systems, saving big on their car wash operation. Your customer’s vehicles are a part of your identity, join the other 600+ sites across Australia (such as Silverwater Smash Repairs, Midland Smash Repairs, and SmashTec - Marrickville), who choose WashTec to help keep their images clean.

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"Helps us deliver cars on time, every time!" - Midland Smash Repair


“Saved us one person to wash all our daily cars.” - Silverwater Smash Repairs

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