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WashTec Australia Pty Ltd

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Service Station

Your new profit centre.

The servo is now undergoing a profit transformation by satisfying the booming demand for professional, eco-friendly car wash services.

Our service range

Annual car wash revenue already exceeds $24 billion and with the number of people washing cars at home in decline, that figure is set to grow annually*. Many service stations are already reaping significant income from supplying the ever increasing consumer appetite for qualified car wash services. Over the past 12 years WashTec Australia has installed profitable, trouble-free wash systems for major oil companies and countless independent station owner’s nation wide.

*2% over the past 10 years - International Car Wash Association.

Nothing assisted the growth of service stations more than the addition of the convenience store. Selling more than just petrol has allowed service stations to flourish and changed the way Australians shop at the bowsers. The servo is now undergoing a profit transformation by satisfying the increasing demand for professional, eco-friendly car wash services. Water restrictions, limited space, & urban living have combined to make car wash the largest commercially viable growth industry in Australia today and smart station owners are establishing lucrative car wash sites to draw customers and advance profits.

Your advantages

The perfect car wash for every site.

  • Customised full support over the entire life cycle of the facility.
  • Extras strategically geared to the region such as drive-in offers and innovative operating concepts.
  • All services from a single source: servicing, equipment optimisation, water conditioning. 
  • Washing options for every customer type and for complete customer satisfaction.
  • Spontaneous wash customers become regulars.
  • Perfectly tuned chemicals for vehicle care and professional accessories.

Enquire today and start your journey!

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