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WashTec Australia Pty Ltd

PO BOX 268  
Bankstown NSW 1885, Australia

Tel: 02 8394 5000

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Rental Company

Your vehicles
are your identity.

Customer retention is directly related to sales. You know that providing the right vehicle on demand and in pristine condition will increase exposure and showcase your quality vehicle range to prospective clients. That’s the best way to keep your customer coming back. WashTec’s automated equipment provides superior results in half the time it takes to wash by hand.

Remove the sting.

Labour, water and chemical costs erode your profit margins each year. As the day goes on, hand wash fatigue sets in and the quality of your wash begins to slip along with your Customer Service Index (CSI). Our safe machines will half your labour costs, slash water expenses and chop your chemical bills significantly. Best of all, you’ll give your customer a brilliant shine every time without worrying about staff ‘sickies’ or hand wash exhaustion. By making small changes to your existing wash operation, not only will you save some serious money, you can start generating real profits. Hand wash is costing you more than you think.

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