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Commercial - Truck & Bus

Efficient solutions for
your vehicle fleet.

For hauliers and bus companies, it is important that their vehicles not only shine – but are also quickly back on the road. You are on the right track with the robust and low-maintenance washing facilities from WashTec – technically and economically and for perfectly clean vehicles.

Less wash time, more road time.

Its time to make your working day a bit easier with WashTec’s range of automatic machines. Clean your commercial vehicles each day in half the time with less labour, using only a fraction of the chemicals and water you’re using right now. Fleets using the WashTec automatic machines have reported genuine savings of over an hour on each wash. With just four washes you’ll shorten your workload by four hours a day and your fleets will never look better. So, what will you be doing with all your new free time?

Our washing gantries for commercial vehicles are robust, low-maintenance and highly durable. We support you with our experience from the investment appraisal to the manpower requirement planning through to any building work on your premises. 

Tap into additional sales potential with your own truck and/or bus wash centre on your premises – we can also help you here.

“CDC Victoria acquired a MaxiWash Vario system for its new depot in Truganina that houses a maximum of around 230 buses.  This is the second WashTec system that CDC Victoria has acquired.  We are pleased with the outcome, the MaxiWash Vario “does what it says on the tin.”

-Nicholas Yap | Chief Executive Officer


Your advantages:

  • No trip required to the nearest public truck or bus washing facility.
  • Your vehicles remain on your own premises.
  • Your commercial vehicles are clean again and ready for use in seven minutes.
  • Outstanding washing results, since your gantry car wash is geared up to your particular fleet: special superstructures, mirrors in particular do not pose a problem. Upon request, also very gentle to paintwork.
  • Individual planning down to the last square metre – including water conditioning system.
  • Perfectly tuned chemicals and professional accessories.

Enquire today and start your journey!

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