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Water Recycling System

240 litres
recycled per minute

The WashTec Water Recycling System has been designed and engineered in Australia for the harsh and unpredictable Australian conditions. Exclusive to WashTec, The Water Recycling system is suitable for many vehicle wash applications including: SofTecs Automatics, Touchfree Systems, Tunnel and Conveyor Systems as well as Commercial Vehicle Wash Systems. Produces 240 litres of Recycled Water per minute.

Water Recycling System



  • Full Stainless Steel Construction
  • Integrated Fresh and Recycling Tanks
  • IP65 Water Proof PLC Control Cabinet
  • User friendly display Interface
  • Electronic pH Monitoring
  • Automatic Chemical Injection Dosing
  • Electronic Conductivity Monitoring to reduce water spotting
  • Automatic Filtration Back Flush
  • Submersible Water Transfer Pump
  • Fresh Water and Recycled Wash Water Pumps
  • Recirculation Mode to control bacteria during low use periods
  • Water Quality can be tailored by varying filter media

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