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Water Reclaim Unit

Up to 10,500 litres
reclaimed per hour.

This is a low maintenance system requiring almost no operator attention. The Water Reclaim unit comes in 3 sizes: WR1: Produces 3,500 Litres per hour. Suitable for single Roll Over systems. WR2: Produces 7,000 Litres per hour. Suitable for busy Roll Overs or slow Tunnels. WR3: Produces 10,500 Litres per hour. Suitable for Tunnels and Truck & Bus Wash Systems.

Water Reclaim Unit



  • Powerful Separation: Removal of all wax, oils and solids for clean wash water
  • Quality Water Cleaning & Treatment: Strong Oxygenation controls the bacteria level in the treated water with no smell or odours
  • Leading Edge Technology
  • Lower Establishment Costs: The system requires considerably smaller pits than other systems resulting in lower installation & pit pumping costs
  • Lower Operating Costs: The absence of chemicals and the reduction in operator interaction will reduce operating costs
  • Low Maintenance: No filters or elements to clean or replace, no back flushing required and virtually no maintenance

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