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Exceptionally eco-friendly
and efficient.

The solution for a fully biological waste water treatment system. The Biofilm method used by AquaBio is the most environmentally friendly method for cleaning heavily contaminated waste water. Waste water contents are converted by micro-organisms into the organism's own cell material and carbon dioxide. Without chemicals. Without additives. And at no cost.

Aqua Bio


Your advantages:

  • Fully biological waste water treatment.
  • Permanently clean and odourless wash water.
  • High filter performance of 4 /hour.
  • High recycling rate of up to 95%.
  • Without the addition of chemicals up to 100 washes a day.
  • Compact design and variable installation concept.

AquaBio is ideal for you if you

  • Want to operate your gantry car wash in a highly eco-friendly way.
  • Appreciate fully biological water recovery.
  • Want high water quality without odour emissions, without using chemicals and additives.
  • You want to keep your ongoing operating costs low.

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