Bore Water Treatment: Economic & Reliable
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Bore Water Treatment: Economic & Reliable

Ecological commitment

WashTec is committed to the principle of ecological sustainability and therefore aims to use resources as efficiently possible. By developing environmentally-friendly products, WashTec is also actively helping to preserve the world’s limited stocks of energy and raw materials.


Water Recycling System:

Designed and engineered in Australia for local conditions the Water Recycling System is ideal for Brush, Touchfree and Tunnel & Conveyor Systems.

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Water Reclaim Unit:

    The Water Reclaim unit will reduce your discharge & maintenance costs and fits perfectly in almost any carwash of any size.

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      Fully biological waste water treatment, that uses environmentally friendly methods for cleaning waste water from the vehicle washing facilities. Without chemicals. Without additives. Without cost. 

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      Gravel filter MF:

      Extra powerful for conveyor tunnel systems and commercial vehicle washing systems with high washing volumes that's reliable, easy-to-operate and maintenance-friendly. 

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      Reverse Osmosis:

        Our R.O. systems are most commonly used for the treatment of saline water, bore water, surface water, river water and sea water.

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        Water Softener:

          The Water Softener removes the materials that can be collected from hard water and it softens the water.

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