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MaxiWash Vario Touchless

For vehicles with complex
shapes and designs.

Discover a new approach to a flexible and fast vehicle wash with the touch free commercial system, MaxiWash Vario Touchless. It's high-pressure contouring wash now allows you to wash the most complex commercial vehicles available, quickly and thoroughly.

Touch free commercial vehicle washing system MaxiWash Vario Touchless



Your advantages:

  • Fast washing ability = low consumption = low running costs!
  • Contour tracking high pressure wash contours the vehicle.
  • High pressure arch effectively cleans areas that are hard to access.
  • The chemical spraying arch provides even better washing results.
  • Six pivot bearing rotors with full-jet nozzles are mounted above each other at each side of the arch, giving a powerful clean.
  • Flexible frame construction capable of a maximum vehicle width of 2.90 metres and a maximum vehicle height of 4.95 metres.
  • Easy operation – with fully automatically controlled washing programmes.
  • Cost-optimised design – both in indoor and outdoor operation.
  • Optional TurboNozzles can be fitted to the contour tracking high-pressure wash for an even more effective clean.

Ideally suited for  

  • Truck fleets.
  • Articulated trucks
  • Transporters.
  • Tankers.
  • Tractors.
  • Mining vehicles.





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