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Truck Washing Systems

Great solutions
for big jobs.

Robust designs. High washing capacities. Reliable cleaning results. And high cost efficiency. With innovative solutions for commercial vehicle washing, WashTec satisfies the specific needs of hauliers, bus companies and vehicle valeting businesses. A wide range of equipment options affords as much individuality as there are different types of commercial vehicles.

All Truck & Bus washing systems


MaxiWash Vario:

The system that satisfies every request.

Configure your individual commercial vehicle washing system from a wide range of options. Whether visual appearance, brush equipment or washing height – the equipment variants cater to every request.

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MaxiWash Vario Touchless:

For vehicles with complex shapes and designs.

A completely touch free system with high-pressure contouring wash, allows you to clean the most complex commercial vehicles available, quickly and thoroughly.

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MaxiWash Combi:

The best of both worlds.

The MaxiWash Combi allows you to take the powerful washing features from the Touchless machine and combine them with the thorough cleaning ability from a brush wash.

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Komponenten NFZ Waschanlage

Additional options:

Extras for the truck and bus wash.

Commercial vehicle washing facilities from WashTec provide scope for individual optimised features. Whether a spraying arch, high-pressure arch, underbody wash, light barrier or lots more – discover your options. 

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