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The basis for your
successful washing business.

WashTec accompanies you through the entire planning process. From the competition to the site analysis to the system purchase through to the start of operations.
Benefit from the world market leader's wealth of technical and business expertise. And from a trusting partnership on an equal footing.

Step 1: Site Analysis

Take full advantage of the our comprehensive Site Analysis Report showing you the best way to expand visibility, maximise exposure, capitalise wash capacity and exploit all access points. You'll identify your site strengths for best use.

Step 2: Demographic Report

Get the most out of your local community. You'll find out how many cars they own, what they earn, how old they are and what jobs they do so you can provide the services that are in demand. Remove the guesswork with our easy-to-read demographic report and thrive.

Step 3: Site Design

Keep your customers coming back with an enjoyable car wash experience. Let WashTec optimise the traffic flow and product accessibility of your site for greater profitability. From preliminary design to engineering plans, we'll show you how to avoid congestion and maximise Output.

Step 4: Council Approval

WashTec Australia have considerable expertise in communicating with councils and gaining the necessary approvals required to establish your new car wash facility on time and on Budget.

Step 5: Financial Analysis

Find out what revenue you can expect from your site, what your operating costs will be and what profit margins await you. Establishing the return on your investment is easy with WashTec's detailed, plain English financial report.

Step 6: Builders

WashTec Australia engages the best draftsmen and builders to make your dream into reality.



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