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Communication & advertising


Whether advertising at the site, with adverts and mailshots, or signage that facilitates quick orientation: WashTec offers you attractive advertising materials for creating a positive image for yourself. And which leaves a lasting impression.

Advertising materials from WashTec: Simple and effective.

Drive customers in.
Without an effective marketing program to attract customers you're loosing business to competitors. WashTec's proven marketing programs have been developed by in-house marketing professionals and are available to every WashTec customer no matter what size.

Brand creation.
The WashTec Marketing & Design team are fully experienced in Branding & Identity, and will create an image for your business that will stand out from the crowd and ensure your business credibility and success. Professionally constructed branding will communicate the services you offer in a professional manner, giving your customer target the level of expectation and quality you choose.

Artwork design.
The WashTec Marketing team have the creativity and expertise to work with you to develop effective logos and artwork, to drive customers to your business. Our in-house graphic design team are at your disposal working directly with you to design your logos, site signage, POS materials, promotions, brochures and more!

Find out how you can extend your success with WashTec advertising materials.

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