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Direct Drive System

Quality, reliability, simplicity.

Maximise the use of your space with the new, high performance, Direct Drive System. It’s the compact and economical self serve wash, built to WashTec’s high standards with the ability to fit into even the smallest of spaces. A key component to any serious car wash investment, the Direct Drive System can accommodate up to 6 bays with 12 different options per bay, giving your customer unparalleled choice. The perfect DIY solution for your business!

Direct Drive System


Your advantages: 

  • A key component to any serious car wash investment
  • The Direct Drive System can accommodate up to 6 bays with 12 different options per bay
  • Giving your customer unparalleled choice

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  • System will accommodate up to 6 bays
  • 3 HP motors / 3 Phase 208/230V (System standard)
  • 3 HP motors / 1 Phase (Optional)
  • 5 HP motors / 3 Phase (Optional)
  • Cat 2314 direct drive pumps (System standard)
    - Arimitsu pumps available
  • High pressure tank assembly (Soap, rinse, wax) (Optional)
    - Tanks assembled with industry standard 506 hydrominders for automatic mixing of all cleaning agents and solutions
  • Wall mount low pressure system (Optional)
    - Each low pressure tank is assembled with the industry standard 506 hydrominder and Independent air/liquid Solenoid banks for maximum bay presentation.
  • Thermostatically controlled foam brush changeover system (1 Phase, 120V) (Optional)
    - Automatically switches foam brush soap between antifreeze solution and summer solution minimizing expense
  • Independent bay wash-down activation (Optional)
    - Activates high pressure rinse on each bay individually
  • Independent bay hour meter (Optional)
    - Monitors individual bay usage time of HP pump
  • GinSan GS-401 24 volt timer (Optional)
    - Utilised in applications where meterbox doors do not have time activation
  • Thermostatically controlled weep system (1 Phase, 120V) (Optional)

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