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Drive Through Car Wash Systems

Tailored solutions
for every site.

Maximum flexibility for your washing business. WashTec offers you a variable conveyor tunnel system concept with versatile washing, drying and care modules. Combine these in accordance with your washing volume, your space situation and the requirements of your customers. We accompany you through the entire process – from the initial planning to the draft through to the installation. Not forgetting payment systems, water conditioning and chemicals. Put your trust in our expertise. Together we will find the perfect solution for your success.

Conveyor tunnel systems

No two sites are the same. And every site places its own specific requirements on a conveyor tunnel system – be this with regard to required space, throughput or equipment. WashTec's modular concept enables you to find the perfect solution for your particular requirements.


SoftLine² Vario:

The conveyor tunnel system that satisfies every request.

Whether a space-saving conveyor tunnel system with basic equipment or an over 40 m long car wash centre for a special car wash experience, whatever your plans are, SoftLine² Vario makes it possible. Configure precisely the conveyor tunnel system you desire from the numerous modules. Matched to your space situation, your washing volume and the expectations of your customers. 

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SoftLine Compact:

The compact conveyor tunnel system for short halls.

The short route to perfect cleaning results: SoftLine Compact is the ideal conveyor tunnel system solution for short halls. In terms of the equipment, you can choose from various washing, drying and care modules. All the modules are optimised so as to deliver the best results over a short distance. 

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Modular design:

A conveyor tunnel system as individual as your site. 

It doesn't get more flexible than this. The individually modules from WashTec give you the flexibility to configure the conveyor tunnel system you desire. Whether a cost-efficient basic version or a high-end premium version, you configure your conveyor tunnel system to suit your individual requests. 

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Conveyor tunnel system Linear Technology:

Perfect washing results at the front and rear. 

The constantly further avanced Linear Technology from WashTec improves the washing result where it's necessary: at the front and rear. The brushes are following the entire vehicle contour and guarantee a more impact time spent on the sensible parts at the front and rear. 

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