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Acting sustainably.
Securing the future.

Sustainable business practices secure our future. That of our company and also that of society. Consequently, it already defines the way we act and behave today. We use resources sparingly. And take our responsibility towards our staff and society seriously. Our goal is to create permanent values. And to leave behind an environment that is ecologically and socially intact for future generations.

Acting responsibly.

Acting sustainably is an essential component of our corporate culture. This is confirmed by our certifications according to the following standards:

  • DIN EN ISO 9.001: 2015 guarantees responsible-minded quality management – a matter of course for forward-looking companies.
  • DIN EN ISO 14.001: 2015 supplements our claim with environmentally-conscious behaviour and gives you a convincing competitive advantage.
  • DIN EN ISO 50.001: 2018
  • SCC**: 2011 – The Safety Certificate Contractors protects the health and safety of  our staff through preventive measures.

Accept responsibility.

As a globally active company, we aspire to being a role model, today and in future. By further reducing the resources we consume, cutting emissions and avoiding waste. Even today we take environmental aspects into account in all processes, products and services – both large and small.

For details of how WashTec assumes responsibility, please see the annual Sustainability Report.

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