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The answer to the question
about the cleanest car wash!

No matter how dirty a vehicle is. No matter how difficult the dirt is to reach. No matter how stubborn the dirt is. When it comes to perfect vehicle washing, WashTec has the perfect answers.

WashTec vehicle washes impress with the cleanest washing results. WashTec supplies vehicle washes for every need and requirement, from gantry car washes to conveyor tunnel systems and self-service car washes through to commercial vehicle washing systems.

At #askwashtec you can show us your worst, trickiest or funniest problem washes. We're looking forward to receiving your pictures!


Commercial vehicle washing systems

Whether haulage company, bus company or contract washer, a perfectly clean vehicle is the calling card for a company. Commercial vehicle systems from WashTec set the standards for washing performance and impress with their cost-effectiveness, equipment options and individual adaptability.

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Gantry car washes

Impress your customers – with a unique washing experience! WashTec gantry car washes ensure that cars are perfectly washed – even in places where other washing systems fail. Or for vehicles with large dimensions. Whether as a compact entry-level solution, as a high-speed wash or as an innovative high-performance system.

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Conveyor tunnel systems

Maximum cleanliness and maximum flexibility. The WashTec car wash concept offers a large number of washing, drying and care modules for an individual car wash. For perfect washing results that convince even the most discerning customer. Individually tuned to the washing volume and the size of the station.

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Self-service car washes

Where excellent washing results and maximum ease of use combine. WashTec offers tailor-made solutions for self-service car washing that adapt flexibly to any size of station. Low operating costs and long servicing intervals boost profitability.

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Show us your worst, trickiest or funniest problem washes!

Send us photos of the dirtiest vehicles you've seen or experienced and we'll publish them on our social media channels!

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