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Car Cleaning Products For Brilliant Results

Awesome results, always!

At WashTec Australia, we source the best chemicals to ensure you provide your customers with the highest quality finish possible. We offer the complete range from automatic and self-serve polishes to bay cleaners and puppy shampoo – if it cleans, we’ve got it. Brilliant products for brilliant results!

Quality chemicals for every application.

Click here and head to our online store WashTec Direct to view our wide range of chemicals and accessories for your site.

Automatic Soft Cloth


Our wide range of chemicals for Automatic Soft Cloth systems include Active Foams, Shampoos, Rinse Glosses, Waxes, Underbody Chemicals, Colour foams and Conditioners, as well as Drying Agents.

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Automatic Touch Free


We also provide chemicals specially formulated for Touch Free Wash systems such as our Step 1 & Step 2 agents. Other chemicals include Waxes, Colour foams and Conditioners and Drying agents.

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Safe for public use, these chemicals are designed to for all forms of self-service car washing. Chemicals include Pre-treatments, Specialised Brush Foams, Engine Cleaners, Pressure Wash Chemicals, Waxes and rinses.

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For a thorough job, we supply Chemicals to clean outside and inside the vehicle through our Polishes, Waxes, Specialised Glass Cleaners, Wheel Cleaners, Shampoos and Multi-purpose Cleaners.

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As well as car wash chemicals, we also provide Chemicals for general cleaning purposes. For example, Commercial Bleaches, Glass Cleaners, Hand Soaps and Wash Bay Cleaners can be used beyond your car wash.

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Scents like “New Car”, “Vanilla” & “Citrus” will leave your customers vehicles smelling great, available in our range of Concentrates & Ready-to-use Fragrances.

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Dog Wash


If you own a Dog Wash System, we have you covered with our Shampoos, Conditioners, Flea Rinses and Disinfectants that are all safe and animal friendly.

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Water Treatment


Recycling water involves safe, specialised chemicals such as Flocculants, Chlorines, pH Builders, Balancers and Water Softening Salts, all products that WashTec can provide you with.

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