Automatic car wash SoftCare² Pro


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Automatic car wash SoftCare² Pro

More functions for
greater enthusiasm.

SoftCare² Pro caters to all your customers' needs. Whether insect removal, thorough wheel rim cleaning, powerful high pressure or perfect drying results – choose from numerous innovative functions and designs to offer your customers an exceptional washing experience.

SoftCare² Pro 


Your advantages:

    • High sales potential – since special functions justify higher prices.
    • Satisfied customers – thanks to first-class washing results and catering to their specific requests.


    • Cost-efficient system, from 600 washes per month
    • FlexStream – the roof drier for highly efficient drying of all vehicle areas
    • WheelJet – the wheel washer that extends at an angle to ensure thorough cleaning of the wheels
    • TurboNozzles – for an intensive pre-clean with a powerful high-pressure jet
    • The equipment variant SoftCare² Pro Touchless permits entirely contactless car washing – for a truly unique experience

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