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Automatic car wash CombiWash

The Future in
High Pressure Washing!

The CombiWash (SoftCare² Pro Touchless) has 2 possible versions: A pure touch free system or a combined system with SofTecs.
The CombiWash is the perfect machine for everyone looking to position their washing business in the top quality segment. The combination of effective high-pressure and SofTecs brush washing makes exceptional results possible, which customers with high quality expectations are prepared to pay extra for.



Your advantages:

    • Cost-efficient system, from 600 washes per month.
    • Our highest selling machine of 2014 & 2015!
    • Give your customers added choice.
    • Outstanding washing results.


      • TurboNozzles ensure powerful high-pressure cleaning.
      • Maintenance-friendly technology well-thought-out in every detail.
      • First-class design and workmanship.

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      Amazing Results!

      Its unparalleled wash results are making waves across the country, with services stations, dealerships and private sites all balking at the chance to install one of the hottest car washes on the market.

      This recently installed CombiWash at Roseworthy Car Spa shows that an outstanding clean can be achieved by complete automation, no pre-washing or hand washing was involved.


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      after1.jpg after2.jpg

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