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Automatic Car Wash Systems

Your gateway to a successful car wash business.

Flexible. Cost efficient. Reliable. Attractive.
WashTec's gantry car washes excel with high their quality, sophisticated technology and innovative functions, not to mention their perfect cleaning results.

Technology ahead of its time.

WashTec car wash equipment have been characterised for over 50 years by its high quality, sophisticated wash technology and innovative car wash functions. It is not only the incredibly gentle SofTecs washing materials or our unique linear technology that guarantees top washing quality, but a further 800 registered patents are proof of WashTec's special innovative abilities. To make sure it stays that way, we are constantly developing our car wash products to improve their efficiency and performance and to maximise customer satisfaction.


Automatic car wash EasyWash:

The entry Level mode.

The basic configuration of the EasyWash provides the full scope of quality car wash.

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Automatic car wash SoftCare Pro Classic: 

The economical system.

Compact, variable, economical. Check out the new sleek SoftCare Pro Classic car wash.

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Automatic car wash SoftCare Pro Classic XL 320: 

The biggest.

An XL version of the SoftCare Pro, with heights up to 3.2m and widths of 2.6.

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Automatic car wash SoftCare² Pro:

The all rounder.

The SoftCare Pro combines individual appearance and top-grade technology.


Automatic car wash CombiWash:

The variable one.

A combination of High Pressure touch free technology and gentle SofTec's material.

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Automatic car wash SoftCare Juno Classic:

The fast one.

Packed with technical car wash advantages to benefit your business.

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Automatic car wash SoftCare² Juno:

The fastest.

Currently the fastest gantry-type car wash on the market. Wash, wax and dry in 2.5 minutes!

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Automatic car wash SoftCare² Takt:

The specialist.

    The specialist for servicing two cars at the same time. Nothing washes and dries cars faster.

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    High-Pressure Turbo Technology. 

    Washtec's touch-free car wash equipment, provide all the high-quality cleaning services without the use of any friction "brushes". Utilising turbo nozzle technology, touchless car wash machines thoroughly clean the vehicle while minimising the electricity, water and chemicals consumed. A truly safe option for operators and customers.


    Automatic car wash SoftCare² Pro Touchless:

    Touchless automatic.

    A gentle high pressure clean, using TurboNozzle, touch-free technology.

    StarTrack – illuminated guide rails.

    Show your customers the way, and enhance their experience before they even enter the car wash: the colour-illuminated StarTrack guide rails increase the attractiveness of your car wash and help to facilitate the correct positioning of your customers’ vehicles into the car wash.


    StarTrack guide rails:

    The best-looking path into the car wash.

    • A more attractive car wash experience: the LED illumination attracts attention and creates a unique lighting atmosphere during the washing process.
    • An entry and positioning aid: various illumination patterns and colours guide your customer safely through the entire process.
    • Effective rim protection: high quality stainless steel rails with an angled profile cross-section offer effective protection against wear.
    • Competitive advantage: StarTrack increases the overall appeal of your location and is a real attraction for customers – particularly in combination with FoamSensation.