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Give your customers a consistent, hassle-free way of paying and gaining access to your car care equipment, from premium car washes and jet washes to simple tyre inflators and pre-wash units.


Codax™ is the leading code access system for all your car care equipment: Car wash, jet wash, vacuum and all of your other forecourt equipment. With Codax controlling access to your forecourt equipment, you can be confident that customers are enjoying your services without complication or hindrance. Equipment downtime is practically unheard-of, as jammed token mechanisms and faulty card readers are consigned to history. Thanks to Codax, you’ll know that every car wash or service you provide has been paid for in full.


Your advantages:

    • Reducing shrinkage and unauthorised usage
    • Eliminating unreliable token mechanisms
    • Delivering a familiar, hassle-free customer experience
    • Available as stand-alone or fully POS-integrated units

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