Car Wash Accessories: Self Serve Equipment
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Car Wash Accessories: Self Serve Equipment

Turn your wash site
into a profitable business.

The best wash businesses achieve success by offering customers the total package. Generate added profit on your car wash site with "pay-to-use" self serve equipment such as stand alone vacuums, vending machines and air dryer systems, proven methods to generating more revenue for your site.


Vacuum Systems.

Offer a complete cleaning experience.

Wide range of vacuums offer a complete cleaning experience to your customers. Powerful performance and rugged durability for commercial use in high-volume applications.


Vending Machines.

Increase revenue with low effort.

A great way to increase revenue and profit on site. Low set up costs, high revenue earning and no labour means "low effort, high profit"

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High Pressure Wash Systems.

All in one high pressure.

WashTec's High Pressure Wash Systems which are ideal for full servicing, hand wash markets and vehicle pre-wash applications..


Dryer Systems.

Fast, uncomplicated drying.

Provide a self-service drying offer, while generating profit and driving more customers to your business.


Activation Systems.

Quick and easy to use.

Give your customers a consistent, hassle-free way of paying and gaining access to your car care equipment, from premium car washes and jet washes to simple tyre inflators and pre-wash units.


Change Machines.

Safe and reliable money exchange.

Our reliable and easy to use money handling systems make sure that all money exchanged on your car wash site is handled safely and securely.