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For us, the world's best car wax. For you probably as well.

Slipstream is a high grade wax that is applied on to paintwork and as it cures, it forms a film that repels dirt and contaminants in the atmosphere.


More shine.

It is a full surface vehicle protectant with Carnauba Wax and can also be applied to glass, mirrors, plastic trims, bumpers and tyres.

Your advantages with Slipstream


Keeps your vehicle glossy with a showroom shine finish. Slipstream is a film forming process that cures as it dries on your vehicle. So it enhances & compliments new car after market Paint Protection.


Rain will bead up when in contact with Slipstream & sheet off like never before. The multiple molecular properties provide maximum protection by sealing the paint with a coating and provides a deep long lasting shine.

Your choice!

With 2 versions available, Slipstream 30 (for 30 day protection) and Slipstream 60 (for 60 day protection!) give you an unrivalled protection System. Slip Stream 60 is an enhanced version of Slip Stream 30 with additional ingredients including the Slip Stream Light Shine technology.

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